NonProfits - Clergy

Accounting and tax preparation for nonprofits and clergy follows different guidelines and rules than those for standard businesses and individuals.  These differences are caused by the American tradition of being a charitable society that gives separate benefits to charities and to clergy.  The doctrine of separation of church and state also mandates certain special handling for clergy and religious properties.  

The staff of E&R Tax and Business Services has a long history of being involved with the nonprofit sector, having staffed, served on boards, and provided financials for nonprofits.  This includes providing services for the clergy and staff of the various nonprofit institutions.   This involvement with nonprofits includes churches and synagogues, United Way, chambers of commerce, civic and service organizations, government agencies and various private and public funding groups.  E&R works closely with a cadre of attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners to ensure a high level of customer service.

A brief list of services include;

  • Organization and set up of nonprofits including application for 501(c)(3) designation
  • Bookkeeping  and tax accounting for nonprofits
  • Payroll and pension issues
  • Property Tax filings
  • Clergy tax returns
  • Individual tax returns for staff including those working locally and internationally
  • Charitable contribution recording, acknowledgement and reporting
  • Review of nonprofit books for reporting to governmental and other agencies
  • Grant writing and oversight
  • Board development and consultation
  • Fundraising consultation